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Local Date/Time is: 2019 / 7 / 17 @ 18:15
Jul 23, 2019
Jul 24, 2019
Title:International Conference on PHYSICAL ASSURANCE and INSPECTION of ELECTRONICS
Location:Marriott , Crystal City, VA (Washington, D.C. area) VA United States

  • Light/Optical MultiPhoton IR/Raman Fluorescence Near Field NSOM Scanning Probe SPM STM AFM MFM SEM LVSEM ESEM LEEM TEM HREM STEM SCEM IVEM/HVEM CBED TED EBSD OIM Tomography Holography Lorentz Insitu AEM ELS EDS WDS EMPA AES ESCA SIM SIMS FIM AtomProbe FIB
  • Physical attacks on electronics have grown significantly recently and is becoming a major threat to the chip designers, original equipment manufacturers as well as end users. The complex long life of the emergent internet of things (IoT) devices coupled with their diverse applications is making them increasingly vulnerable to various forms of physical attacks. Large number of companies and start-ups are now working in this area across the globe and offer training and service to the public. As importantly, the number of the programs introduced by US government have increased hugely to analyze and find a solution for this problem. High-end failure analysis tools, which used to be very expensive and accessible to only big organizations are now available for a very cheaper price. Private parties can now buy such tools and rent them to the public with a very low rate, which makes these attacks ever more viable. In addition physical assurance and inspection of electronics as well as physical fingerprinting based on analog parameters are rapidly becoming a tool for unique countermeasures against various attack modalities.

Nestor J. Zaluzec /