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Local Date/Time is: 2017 / 7 / 21 @ 5:31
Jul 12, 2017
Jul 14, 2017
Title:The Francis Crick Electron Microscopy Opening Symposium, London July 12th - 14th 2017
Location:The Francis Crick Institute , LONDON UNITED KINGDOM

  • Light/Optical MultiPhoton Fluorescence SEM LVSEM TEM STEM FIB X-Ray Microscopy Computational
  • Dear Colleagues, to celebrate the opening of the new EM facilities at The Francis Crick Institute in London , we will hold a two-day symposium exploring the impact of electron microscopy on biomedical research across scales, with talks from research leaders in each field. This will be followed by a day of hands-on workshops in the new imaging suite, hosted by technical experts and commercial collaborators. The event will take place from Wednesday July 12th to Friday July 14th 2017. Registration for the Symposium is now available at the Royal Microscopical Society site Hope to see you in London, Raffa On behalf of the organising committee: Lucy Collinson, Peter Rosenthal and Raffa Carzaniga

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