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Clive Wells
Medical College of Wisconsin
Microbiology & Immunology
Milwaukee, WI, 53226

Email: cwells@mcw.edu

Posted: 3/06/2018
Ref#: 8388891
Reichert Ulracut E ultramicrotome and FC4D cryosectioning attachment

I have two Reichert Ultracut E microtomes and one FC4D cryo-sectioning attachment with all parts, chucks etc. looking for a new home.

Contact me if you are interested. You pay for shipping and handling.

Dr Gary Gaugler
7970 Twin Rocks Rd
Granite Bay, CA, 95746

Email: gary@gaugler.com
WWW: http://www.microtechnics.com/Supra40

Posted: 14 Mar 2018
Ref#: 8388893
Zeiss Supra 40 FESEM & Bruker XFlash 6|60 EDS and complete system

For sale is a CY2008 Zeiss Supra 40 FESEM with QBSD, chiller, compressor, two sputter coaters, vacuum pumps, specimen prep materials, storage containers, documentation, and much more. System is installed and fully functional. The SEM is and has been under continuous full Zeiss maintenance contract. Low hours on newly installed tip (Dec 2017).

Bruker EDS is XFlash 6|60 60mm^2 SDD with ESPRIT 2.1 software and SVE controller unit. SEM and Bruker have many license options installed.

Excellent condition for all items. See http://www.microtechnics.com/Supra40 for a large amount of pictures and documentation. Asking $175K for the whole system.

Jeffrey Farrer, Facility Director
Brigham Young University
701 East University Parkway
Provo, UT, 84097

Email: jeff_farrer@byu.edu

Posted: 3/15/2018
Ref#: 8388894
FEI CompuStage, Low-Background, Double-Tilt Specimen holder

This holder is in pristine condition. Purchased new and rarely used in a Tecnai F30 Twin lens TEM. Fully controlled by CompuStage controller. Can be used in combination with Fixed beryllium cryo shields for 120 kV. Ideal for combination with EDX. Optimized specimen clamping with HexRing and locking washer.

The holder enables the specimen to be tilted in two directions perpendicular to each other, one (whose angle depends on the lens) around the main tilt axis, the second one (ħ 30°) around the Y-axis
The second tilt is read out and displayed with an accuracy of 0.1°
It incorporates the HexRing™ mounting mechanism, which is ideal for fast and reliable mounting of all specimens. Holder parts exposed to the electron beam are made of beryllium. Specimen movement is fully controlled by the CompuStage controller making the system fully safe and allowing maximum tilt for each XYZ-beta tilt position. It incorporates a Safe ENTRY key for use with the sENTRY system to prevent its insertion into the wrong lens
It is incompatible with the FEI U-TWlN lens TEM
Accepts 3.05 mm diameter grid with maximum thickness 0.34 mm
Asking $7500

Ken Tiekotter

POB 417
Trout Lake, WA, 98650

Email: tiekotte@earthlink.net

Posted: 09-20-2018
Ref#: 8388908
Microscopes and diamond knives

AO compound, B&L compound and dissecting, Leica compound, Leitz compound, Nikon compound, Olympus compound, Reichert compound, Wild compound, Zeiss compound, most of these are trinocular.

Diamond knives used and new 2.0mm to 6mm

Contact me for specifics.

Thank you.

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